“RFEURB” is the name of a new EU project, which will make it simpler for homeowners to have their house energy renovated. The aim is to create growth for local business and at the same time reduce CO2-emission.

EU supports the project with more than 15 mio. Kr. In the EU consortium are 13 partners from six countries: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Estland, Slovenia and Denmark.
Today it is possible to renovate your house to a near zero CO2-emission status, but only a few homeowners, condominium owners and housing associations do so. It can be difficult to overview the possibilities: How extensive is it? How great are the differences? How can it be financed? It can also be difficult finding the company to provide you with the overview and the solution, and which will take responsibility of realizing the wanted energy saving.
The project will be developing a package solution to the homeowners. A simple system, where you receive a customized offer on the entire energy renovation, based on relatively little information on the building and the wishes of energy improvements.
The focus is a so-called ’deep renovation’, where the aim is to reduce CO2-emission from the buildings with up to 50-80%. The project shall push the market of energy renovation in our existing buildings even further. The aim is 41.560 houses in all of Europe will be deep energy renovated within 2020 because of the package solution that the project shall develop.

EU supports with more than 2 mio. Euro

The project is called REFURB 2.0, and the partners are supported with 2 mio. euro from EUs Horizon2020 program. “When EU supports a project it is because EU sees it as a community obligation to remove barriers of the market for energy renovation”, says EU consultant Thomas Jensen from the South Denmark European Office.