Compelling offers make it easy – make it happen

REFURB will make it easy for you as homeowner to start an energy renovation.

We have developed specific compelling offers, that is tailored to where you are in your life and what needs you have. You just have to define your needs through questions on house age and type, wishes for comfort level and energy reduction, financial capacity etc.

The tool is an easy customer roadmap to renovation. The tool has been tested in six countries and will be launched in 2017. The one stop shop packages will also provide you with information about different possibilities for financing.

6 different models from 6 EU nations

The 6 national models for a compelling offer is an suggestion on how to seduce homeowners to make deep energy renovation, where value creation is crucial. The value creation for empty nesters (older couple, where the children have left home) and young families are different. For empty nesters the value is to ”Enjoy life more comfortably”, where the offer should provide safety, comfort, energy and a step-by-step approach, which allows the empty nesters to be their own entrepreneurs in a simple and easy way. For the young families it is another story, because the young families are challenged by limited time and money. They want a healthy home for their family´s activities. Other models focus on housing associations as target group.The compelling offers for the other countries were presented in a poster format and could be consulted by the participants at the conference.


You can find the compelling offers here: 
The Netherlands