About refurb

The aim of the project is to provide private homeowners with overview, advice and local one-stop-shop solutions.

REFURB is a consortium of 13 partners and a number of cooperators in a project exceeding borders in EU, to inspire homeowners to move a step further with their energy renovations and achieve zero energy renovation. Easy, economical and efficient. REFURB gives an overview in a one-stop-shop model and establishes local partnerships and energy solutions close to consumers in the participating countries.

The main aim of REFURB is to bridge the gap between the supply side and demand side by developing a methodology or roadmap, which will result in dedicated renovation packages for different market segments and regions in Europe. The first target is the private residential sector (homeowners) but a preparation to expand to other market segments will take place within the project. Renovation towards NZEB-standards will be customizable in order to ensure that they meet local demands and can be provided by local suppliers.

The partners involved covered the following countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Estonia and Germany.

“Inspirational cases can bring you a step closer to energy renovating your home “